KT Bailey Massage Therapist
About the Practitioner

KT Bailey is a licensed massage therapist.  She graduated from Potomac Massage Therapy Institute in February 2007.  She is nationally certified and licensed to practice in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

KT Bailey has been the owner and massage therapist of KT Bailey Massage therapy for over ten years, and has not only provided private one-on-one service to her clients, but has also volunteered her services to various charity organizations. KT has also taught massage at Potomac Massage Training Institute for over five years. Ms. Bailey has a office located in Silver Spring Md. off Dennis Ave she also travels to her clients' homes; the table and all other associated massage materials needed for a professional massage are provided by the therapist.  The service that is provided by KT is as individual as the client's with whom she works.  Ms. Bailey specializes in "Out Call" massage, which is simply, performing massage services at the clients home or office.

Using hands and arms, Ms. Bailey manipulates the client's muscles, fascia, ligaments, tendons, etc.  It is easy to think of massage as something the therapist does for the client; however, massage is most beneficial when the therapist and the client work together.   

KT is committed to spreading knowledge and relaxation to people who are interested in feeling more balanced and energized and giving clients the opportunity to be more mindful of their own bodies.  KT's clients learn to breath deeper and hold better posture and find that they do not have to walk this world in pain.  It is not “normal” to sit, lay, or walk in discomfort.  Massage therapy provides clients the opportunity to learn about other alternatives in dealing with daily aches and pains. 

 *PLEASE NOTE: KT Bailey Massage Therapy is a certified, licensed massage therapy practice; intended solely for therapeutic treatment.

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